5 Healthy Snacks for flat tummy

Hola PEOPLE, Getting a perfect body is a dream of all, but rarely we live in the body we desire. We always crave to have the fittest body and what not, we do to achieve it. We workout..sometimes for hours! Sweat, Go through the pain for weeks, Try and Eat Healthy Food, Prepare the Healthiest 3 Course Meal. BUT what we tend to forget?? The […]

I LOVE SWIMMING.. oopps!! Tanning..

Hello everyone! It was quite difficult to decide the topic for my first blog but SUMMER is definitely on my mind. When talking about summer all i think of is Splish, Splash, Sploom! Taking a dip in a pool of cold water, but making a splash can show its effects on your skin and hair if you do not take ample care before and after […]